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About your music career...

There's so much good indie music out there - but it kills me that most of it isn't getting heard.

The messed up part is that the problem is probably NOT the music.

After all that good effort... writing and recording a song, most indie musicians just upload the song, cross their fingers and just hope for "something" to happen.

You can do so much better.

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"... The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard is an absolutely essential music marketing method for indie and unsigned musicians who want to build a career in the new music industry."

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Warner/LoUdThUd recordingartist/producer Owen CritchleyHi everyone,

As a musician or songwriter, you know how great it feels to have the ability to do this rare thing - to make songs and music. Your songs are unique part of you - and in that sense, there is not one person in the world who can duplicate what you do.

In this world, making music is important work. Musicians can and should be proud of what they can do.

But there's a flip-side to that - and it isn't very pretty. As in control as musicians feel during the creative process, most musicians and bands feel powerless when it comes to building and growing their music careers. They just are throwing their music out there and hoping something sticks

"That feeling of powerlessness has to stop.
It's not necessary and worse, it makes you vulnerable to vultures."

So, "What is The Blueprint To Getting Heard?" The Blueprint is a set of indie music promotion techniques laid out in step by step order - designed to show musicians how to take control of their music careers.

For those of you who are not using The Blueprint to Getting Heard methods, The Blueprint is already an incredibly popular indie music promotion guide. The new 2.0 edition - "THE FAN-BUILDING MACHINE" - makes the method even more powerful.

The methods in The Blueprint To Getting Heard 2.0 show exactly:
* How to get your music heard 
* How to rapidly build a devoted fan following
* How to make your fans WANT to buy your music 
* You realize what's happening here, right? We're talking about creating an actual music career.
"What's in the next video you're going to send me?"

Once you pop your info into the box, I'll be able to send you to the next video which goes into the method you can use to get more fans than you've ever had, by getting them to WANT to be part of your fan list. The next video will also show why this is going to be so important for building a real music career.

I created The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard and this free lesson series, because I believe...

"The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard finally gives musicians the new music marketing methods that
they will need for the new music industry."

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